NVIDIA GeForce Titan Gets Detailed And Priced

NVIDIA’s next big thing, the GeForce Titan GPU has been hot on it’s heels lately. The notorious graphics card has leaked many times over the past couple of weeks, we also know a thing or two about the GPU in particular. The beast of a GPU beat the GTX 690 in benchmarks by a long shot, it packs pretty impressive features under it’s hood. With that said, we bring you yet another leak (‘leaks’) on the GeForce GTX Titan GPU.

One of the many major leaks include listing of the GPU itself on Proshop, Videocardz managed to dig out information through Proshop who had put up an ASUS GTX Titan 6 GB GPU for a price of 7.276,00 kr (€900, $1300). Although the link was taken down, we did mange to grab a screenshot of the page. The listing also confirms most of the details already known about the GeForce Titan GPU. The price tag in particular is quite hefty considering even the limited edition ASUS ARES II GPU costs around $1200, although it is an initial listing and the price may decrease to the rumored $899 mark by the time of it’s launch. Speaking of launch, sources are indicating a launch of 24th – 26th February, which isn’t far enough.


Additionally we bring you an exclusive tid bit thanks to Wccftech. The exclusive news brings together the PCB of the GPU itself along with leaking some other major features. The GeForce Titan would be NVIDIA’s flagship GPU featuring GK110 core based on a NVIDIA designed custom PCB which is actually the reference design to be used by AIB partners.

Some key parts of the GPU are blurred out but regardless we could still see much of the PCB and everything. As said before, the GeForce Titan is based on NVIDIA’s GK110 graphics core packing a massive 2688 Cuda Cores. The GPU features 6GB VRM design, the PCB sports a total of 8 VRM phases situated on the back of the PCB along with other voltage regulation units, MOSFETS and ICs. Additional VRM phases are located beside the SLI interface that provide power to memory chips. The GPU also features 2-SLI fingers which means you can connect 4 of these beats in a Quad-SLI setup, imagine the power not to mention the unbeatable performance.

The GeForce Titan packs 6GB of GDDR5 memory running along a 384-bit wide interface. The GPU takes a single PCI-E 8-pin and 6-pin connector to run, all and all consuming 300W of power but would actually draw a tad bit lower power of around 235-250W. That remains to be seen. As far as display connections are concerned, the GeForce Titan has a variety. It features 2 DVI, 1 HDMI and a single display connector. The card will only use a single fan configuration to cool the GPU as there is only one 4-pin fan connection on the PCB. The card will feature a dual-slot design with the upper slot used for dissipating heat out of the card. Reports also suggest that the retail version of the card will come with a backplate which is a huge plus.

So far so good, the card manages to set a milestone of power. The GPU is a lot powerful than we initially assumed, the question circling around is, will AMD be able to cope up with the beast? Time will tell. Expect more leaks and news in the coming weeks and stay tuned.


Source: Videocardz, Wccftech


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